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2This NEWS file records noteworthy changes, very tersely.
4Version 0.2 (2 Feb 2010)
5* Search tab has been added.
6* Alarms are handled by alarmd, which requests native alarm dialogs.   
7* A service is registered to DBus, the application is handling calls from alarm
8  dialogs to reflect alarm states into the database.  The application is
9  started if required.
11Version 0.1 (19 Jan 2010)
13* A user can select favourite events, which are displayed in "Favourites" tab.
14* FOSDEM icon is displayed in application manager and in applications menu.       
15* Optification of the package is done using maemo-optify script.
16* There is now a `NEWS' file (this one), giving a history of
17  user-visible changes.
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