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Remove ./debian directory, we'll do the packaging outside the "upstream" repository.

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[5438514]1fosdem-schedule -> confclerk transition:
2- (c) in the code
3- rename *.pro, s/fosdem-schedule/confclerk/ in various places
4- .sqlite file location, config location
6FOSDEM specifics:
7- data/NxM (fosdem logo)
8  + create confclerk logo and use in application and for .desktop
9- src/maps
[4be292a]10- src/icons/brain-alone.png,fosdem.png
11- fosdem.sql/schedule.xml
14- data/maemo/*.desktop - add generic .desktop file
17- ChangeLog -> svn2cl
18- copyright for icons / replace icons (gnome-icon-theme etc.)
19- add release target to .pro; and VERSION
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