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1This is the NEWS file for ConfClerk. ConfClerk is the successor of
2fosdem-schedule; cf. docs/fosdem-schedule for the historic documentation.
4Version 0.5.2, 2011-07-23
5* Show close button in conference dialog also if there are no conferences
6  yet.
7* Show event title instead of id in alarm (maemo).
8* Remove event/room records on import to get rid of "old" room names; this
9  avoids duplicates when room names change.
11Version 0.5.1
12* Improve search function: split search string on whitespace.
13* Various small UI changes, e.g.:
14  - cancel button in settings dialogs
15  - colors and borders
16  - date format in date navigator
17  - flatten menu
18  - remove status bar
19  - clean up some dialogs
21Version 0.5.0
22* First release of ConfClerk as the fosdem-schedule successor.
23* Continue the multi-conference feature, make sure persons/tracks/rooms are
24  handled separately per conference.
25* Remove FOSDEM- and maemo-specific parts.
26* Exchange icons to be sure about the provenance.
27* Some code cleanup, most notable: use prepared statements for all SQL
28  queries.
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