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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
alarm 21e0eb1   10 years gregoa Rip out unused DBUS stuff.
app cdbdad7   10 years gregoa When ConfClerk? is called with arguments (alarm), check for >= 3. …
gui a1e348c   10 years philipp The focus is set to the search input field when the search icon is clicked.
icons b686173   11 years philipp Created icons collapse and expand.
mvc 8bd618c   10 years philipp We added the conferenceId to some alarm related methods (ticket #41).
orm 4147e08   11 years gregoa Add Stefan as a copyright holder to source files, too.
sql 908b4ce   10 years philipp Changed int to string converstion method because the old method gave …
test 8d6798d   10 years gregoa fix some more header includes
db.qrc 138 bytes f1826af   10 years philipp Schmema update completed. Finally closing ticket #45.
dbschema000.sql 2.8 KB 61346c9   10 years philipp Restructured the SqlEngine?. Not yet finished (see "TODO" in the code).
dbschema000to001.sql 3.5 KB 9bbd5ae   10 years philipp Added sql file that updates the schema from version 000 to version 001.
dbschema001.sql 2.5 KB 38b61bc   10 years philipp Changed table names to have small letters.
global.pri 649 bytes a7318d5   11 years gregoa Bump version after 0.5.5 release.
icons.qrc 537 bytes b686173   11 years philipp Created icons collapse and expand. 133 bytes a7d8638   13 years hanzes Alarm dbus connection added
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