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2This NEWS file records noteworthy changes, very tersely.
4Version 0.3 (3 Feb 2010)
5* Performance improvement for events.
7Version 0.2 (2 Feb 2010)
8* Search tab has been added.
9* Alarms handled by alarmd, which requests native alarm dialogs (N900 only).
10* A service is registered to DBus, the application is handling calls from alarm
11  dialogs to reflect alarm states into the database.  The application is
12  started if required (N900 only).
14Version 0.1 (19 Jan 2010)
15* A user can select favourite events, which are displayed in "Favourites" tab.
16* FOSDEM icon is displayed in application manager and in applications menu.       
17* Optification of the package is done using maemo-optify script.
18* There is now a `NEWS' file (this one), giving a history of
19  user-visible changes.
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