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2As an user I would like to have following features available in FOSDEM application:
3o   I’d like to see all events for current day (default: current time)
4o   I’d like to see all events for other days
5o   I’d like to see all events grouped by activity
6o   I’d like to see all events grouped by room
7o   I’d like to see all details about selected event
8o   In detail view, I’d like to have option  to show room on the map
9o   If there are some links in the event detail, I’d like to have option to open link in browser
10o   In detail view, I’d like to add/remove event to/from favorites
11o   I’d like to search events by title/abstract, speaker name, tags, activity category, room number/name
12o   I’d like to see my favorite events
13o   I’d like to be noticed when some of my favorite events are overlapping
14o   I’d like to add reminder into calendar for selected event
15o   I’d like to see which events are added to calendar or to favorites
16o   I’d like to option to update list of events through the web
18o   I'd like to have "my track" -- the personal schedule of events the user would like to attend.
19o   I wish to have "now button" to show me what's ongoing now.
21o   I'd like to have possibility to post to eg. twitter or facebook -- some button to easy post on twitter "I'm attending now this".
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