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implemented xml parser

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[e5bc908]1TEMPLATE = lib
2TARGET = gui
3DESTDIR = ../bin
4CONFIG += static
[72f6fe4]5QT += sql xml
7# module dependencies
[72f6fe4]8LIBS += -L$$DESTDIR -lmodel -lorm -lsql
9INCLUDEPATH += ../orm ../model ../sql
10DEPENDPATH += . ../orm ../model ../sql
11TARGETDEPS += $$DESTDIR/liborm.a $$DESTDIR/libmodel.a $$DESTDIR/libsql.a
14# A shamelessly long list of sources, headers and forms.
15# Please note that resources MUST be added to the app module
16# (which means they need to be added to the test module as well,
17# but I am sure you can live with that for the time being).
[9bbb44e]18FORMS += mainwindow.ui
[e5bc908]19SOURCES += mainwindow.cpp
20HEADERS += mainwindow.h
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