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Last change on this file since 526128c was e6ab8a2, checked in by Philipp Spitzer <philipp@…>, 12 years ago

Removed the ability to show "pictures" (maps) of rooms and maps of conferences.
The XML file does not contain picture/map/image information of conferences or rooms.
We left the room.picture definition in the database SQL because there is no "drop column"
in sqlite.

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2  <qresource prefix="/">
3    <file>icons/add.png</file>
4    <file>icons/remove.png</file>
5    <file>icons/reload.png</file>
6    <file>icons/appointment-soon-off.png</file>
7    <file>icons/appointment-soon.png</file>
8    <file>icons/emblem-new-off.png</file>
9    <file>icons/emblem-new.png</file>
10    <file>icons/dialog-warning.png</file>
11    <file>icons/search.png</file>
12  </qresource>
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