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(edit) @b5fa774   19 months gregor add --date parameter to pod2man call.
(edit) @79a7671   6 years gregor ifdef qt4 and qt5 qt5
(edit) @e5dfc61   6 years gregoa add "-transparent white" to convert call qt5
(edit) @6bbaac5   8 years gregoa Update release target. Exclude .git directory from tarball. qt5
(edit) @b716480   8 years gregoa Update ChangeLog? target. Use … qt5
(edit) @0af3939   9 years gregoa Make release target depend on distclean target to ensure we have no … qt5
(edit) @19d1f2e   9 years gregoa fix typo in pod2man call. qt5
(edit) @f622c99   9 years gregoa cosmetic editoring. qt5
(edit) @2e08065   9 years gregoa add signature target. gpgp-sign tarball when making a … qt5
(edit) @e84ed04   10 years gregoa Move removal of generated file into new releaseclean target. qt5
(edit) @955f76e   10 years gregoa .pro: Add created files to QMAKE_DISTCLEAN. qt5
(edit) @80589bb   11 years gregoa Add .pro.user.* to svn:ignore and remove it in the release target. qt5
(edit) @a89e18c   12 years gregoa Don't include tarballs in release tarballs … qt5
(edit) @664e8bd   12 years gregoa Don't remove generated files in DISTCLEAN; otherwise they are gone … qt5
(edit) @118b982   12 years gregoa Reorganize CLEAN and DISTCLEAN targets. qt5
(edit) @0b67254   12 years gregoa Remove ChangeLog? from svn (it's created via svn2cl, so this is … qt5
(edit) @d17dd78   12 years philipp Included application version in the about dialog. This closes ticket #9. qt5
(edit) @813d8dd   12 years gregoa Create a simple man page. qt5
(edit) @496685d   12 years gregoa Improve release target in .pro qt5
(add) @5ede637   12 years gregoa The big rename. Which was not so big after all … qt5
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