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(edit) @a5e1f50   6 months gregor Clean up #includes. (qtcreator is helpful but only partially.)
(edit) @ffb6be7   6 months gregor Bump copyright years.
(edit) @5b7fa79   6 months philipp Adjust shown event time when displayTimeShift is set.
(edit) @4bf83ee   4 years gregor Settings (dialog): add username/password options for proxy server Cf. #59
(edit) @0ede0a2   4 years gregor Add ProxyType? setting in preparation of SOCKS5 proxy support.
(edit) @e4c166a   4 years philipp Write debug message in case of silently catched exceptions. qt5
(edit) @fe5dac7   5 years philipp Used tr() for some more GUI strings (there are plenty more that should … qt5
(edit) @6984e9d   5 years philipp Used tr() for some GUI strings (there are plenty more that should be … qt5
(edit) @f94ab1d   5 years gregoa Handle SSL errors. Show warning with error messages, offer to ignore … qt5
(edit) @0d41eb2   5 years gregoa Set some SSL parameters for network request. qt5
(edit) @3ba7b3e   5 years gregoa Fix typo in error message. qt5
(edit) @de5d0f1   5 years gregoa Bump copyright years. qt5
(edit) @4a87a3b   7 years gregoa Bump copyright year. In anticipation of a release in 2015. qt5
(edit) @11f3f87   7 years gregoa Update copyright notices. qt5
(edit) @0584e12   9 years philipp Make it impossible to hide the toolbar by disallowing its context menu … qt5
(edit) @173399b   9 years philipp Added some actions to the mainwindow - otherwise shortcuts don't work … qt5
(edit) @4d8493b   9 years philipp Made sure the mainwindow is destroyed properly and the sql database is … qt5
(edit) @83481c6   9 years gregoa bump copyright years qt5
(edit) @e619be9   9 years philipp Formatted alarm message (closes ticket #46). qt5
(edit) @3a09de6   9 years philipp Alarms are reported via QSystemTray now (see ticket #46). qt5
(edit) @097e1f4   9 years gregoa extend comment re systrayicon position qt5
(edit) @b261e79   9 years gregoa tray icon: add (commented out) debug output and ->hide qt5
(edit) @54a377c   9 years philipp Prepared to show an alarm message via tray icon on non-MAEMO systems. qt5
(edit) @3720891   9 years philipp Current day is used now when starting the program or loading a … qt5
(edit) @8bd618c   9 years philipp We added the conferenceId to some alarm related methods (ticket #41). qt5
(edit) @e2c612c   9 years philipp Reloading a conference works now. qt5
(edit) @61346c9   9 years philipp Restructured the SqlEngine?. Not yet finished (see "TODO" in the code). qt5
(edit) @8d6798d   9 years gregoa fix some more header includes qt5
(edit) @2dffed3   9 years philipp On the way to fix #45. qt5
(edit) @4147e08   10 years gregoa Add Stefan as a copyright holder to source files, too. qt5
(edit) @56307f8   10 years philipp Implemented expand/collapse of the event groups. Resolves ticket #31. qt5
(edit) @1ba9324   10 years gregoa Handle redirects when importing schedules over the network. Fixes: #39 qt5
(edit) @8bc87d6   10 years gregoa Update copyright years. qt5
(edit) @d12c1e0   10 years philipp When the search toolbox button is clicked when the search dialog is … qt5
(edit) @167a532   10 years philipp Implemented stub for expand/collape all. qt5
(edit) @ac2b0b2   10 years philipp The search result is now synced with the daynavigator. When the search … qt5
(edit) @11d7ec5   10 years philipp Implemented "now" action and removed the "now" button from the day … qt5
(edit) @1ca13ef   10 years philipp Implemented the reload button functionality. Closes: #34 qt5
(edit) @dc66a91   10 years philipp The favorite tab gets updated again after changing the favorite state. qt5
(edit) @264f5e7   10 years philipp Removed the "Now" tab. Removed the day navigator inside tabs. Added a … qt5
(edit) @1825f82   10 years philipp Implemented "unset dates" in the date navigator. qt5
(edit) @bf6be88   10 years philipp The dateChanged signal is transmitted to the tabcontainers now. qt5
(edit) @1bbcb8f   10 years gregoa Replace some tabs with the usual spaces. qt5
(edit) @3655d06   10 years stef Fixed ticket #20 qt5
(edit) @a4ed73e   11 years philipp The cancel button on the settings dialog works now (ticket #14) and … qt5
(edit) @1160cde   11 years philipp Tuned the about dialog. qt5
(edit) @cf385cd   11 years philipp Removed many of the qDebug() output lines (see ticket #10). qt5
(edit) @d17dd78   11 years philipp Included application version in the about dialog. This closes ticket #9. qt5
(edit) @68b2df2   11 years gregoa Add copyright to source. qt5
(edit) @6df32f2   11 years gregoa Update GPL blurb in source files. qt5
(edit) @a0f3e32   11 years philipp Added some comments, removed and added some debug information. qt5
(edit) @cb7b999   12 years kirilma restore viewing of conference map qt5
(edit) @f299a08   12 years kirilma remove obsoleted code also fix some types qt5
(edit) @c8c414f   12 years kirilma optimization qt5
(edit) @b431d47   12 years kirilma reworked UI for conference editing underlying representation of … qt5
(edit) @04acaf9   12 years kirilma fix deletion of last conference implement for cleaning all views in … qt5
(edit) @d97bcab   12 years kirilma implement deleting a conference pass event about it to mainwindow to … qt5
(edit) @ad5c62f   12 years kirilma move Settings and About to Window Menu * remove Setting and About … qt5
(edit) @ca90cb1   12 years uzakmat A header with the proper copyright/lincence statement was added into … qt5
(edit) @5d22816   12 years pavelpa GUI changes for N810 device qt5
(edit) @47bfffb   12 years pavelpa if the application is run for first time, network connection is set to … qt5
(edit) @a023fd2   12 years pavelpa implemented 'proxy settings' dialog - user can secify proxy for … qt5
(edit) @5007fde   12 years pavelpa implemented importing the schedule from the Internet - usded url: … qt5
(edit) @1fb7a33   12 years pavelpa possible to have multiple conferences in the DB - possible to switch … qt5
(edit) @872aeaa   12 years pavelpa some performance optimizations - favourities reloaded only if they … qt5
(edit) @7da2b49   12 years pavelpa if no conference is in the DB, the user is automatically navigated to … qt5
(edit) @bb6f7d6   12 years pavelpa search tab - header is hidden in case no conf exists in the DB qt5
(edit) @885a3cc   12 years pavelpa conference tab header is hidden if there isn't active conference - … qt5
(edit) @9172ee8   12 years pavelpa 'nowTab' updated/loaded when application starts qt5
(edit) @21d7cc0   12 years pavelpa fixed 'copy-paste' error qt5
(edit) @0bb39f5   12 years pavelpa removed appsettings - created 'active' column in 'conference' table qt5
(edit) @07ae23a   12 years timkoma refactoring of the TABS qt5
(edit) @001c8cf   12 years pavelpa 'search' tab functionality moved to 'tabcontainer' qt5
(edit) @3a8dc71   12 years pavelpa SqlEngine? made STATIC qt5
(edit) @05afe5f   12 years pavelpa implemented 'tab container' widget, which groups daynavigator with … qt5
(edit) @b86d4aa   12 years pavelpa reimplemented 'import schedule' qt5
(edit) @e4c5a03   12 years timkoma reload favourites qt5
(edit) @830f102   12 years pavelpa removed 'MainMenu?' bar from MainWindow? - schedule is imported via … qt5
(edit) @c15be10   12 years pavelpa import schedule dialog - changed to widget - moved to 'conference' tab qt5
(edit) @01df23f   12 years timkoma search done qt5
(edit) @9859cac   12 years hanzes NowTreeView? refresh modified qt5
(edit) @85340ae   12 years pavelpa About Application dialog is opened when "info" icon is clicked qt5
(edit) @1deea3b   12 years korrco room view added - finished qt5
(edit) @c7b58d4   12 years timkoma search upgrade qt5
(edit) @7620de0   12 years korrco room view added - need to test it qt5
(edit) @0d4ecc2   12 years timkoma search update qt5
(edit) @e7340e1   12 years fortefr Conference map qt5
(edit) @49c5ad3   12 years pavelpa fixed problem with storing conference ID to AppSettings? qt5
(edit) @806b992   12 years korrco room.h and .cpp removed qt5
(edit) @ab6110b   12 years korrco caching removed qt5
(edit) @b128673   12 years pavelpa sanity check for consitency of confId in AppSettings? and the DB qt5
(edit) @b8a3ad1   12 years pavelpa implemented NOW tab qt5
(edit) @c718a77   12 years pavelpa EventModel? signaling changed - if some of the data (favourite,alarm) … qt5
(edit) @30e2bdf   12 years pavelpa added 'Conference' tab - to list conference details - implemented … qt5
(edit) @3f3e22d   12 years fortefr Warning handling qt5
(edit) @e493054   12 years pavelpa import/search schedule dialog implemented qt5
(edit) @9d8946b   12 years timkoma update for the search qt5
(edit) @06570e9   12 years korrco exception handling changed qt5
(edit) @d8d5bd2   12 years korrco updateTab refactored qt5
(edit) @72cd3af   12 years korrco activities tab implemented qt5
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