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(edit) @6df32f2   10 years gregoa Update GPL blurb in source files. qt5
(edit) @cb7b999   12 years kirilma restore viewing of conference map qt5
(edit) @f299a08   12 years kirilma remove obsoleted code also fix some types qt5
(edit) @c8c414f   12 years kirilma optimization qt5
(edit) @b431d47   12 years kirilma reworked UI for conference editing underlying representation of … qt5
(edit) @04acaf9   12 years kirilma fix deletion of last conference implement for cleaning all views in … qt5
(edit) @d97bcab   12 years kirilma implement deleting a conference pass event about it to mainwindow to … qt5
(edit) @ad5c62f   12 years kirilma move Settings and About to Window Menu * remove Setting and About … qt5
(edit) @ca90cb1   12 years uzakmat A header with the proper copyright/lincence statement was added into … qt5
(edit) @1fb7a33   12 years pavelpa possible to have multiple conferences in the DB - possible to switch … qt5
(edit) @872aeaa   12 years pavelpa some performance optimizations - favourities reloaded only if they … qt5
(edit) @885a3cc   12 years pavelpa conference tab header is hidden if there isn't active conference - … qt5
(edit) @001c8cf   12 years pavelpa 'search' tab functionality moved to 'tabcontainer' qt5
(edit) @3a8dc71   12 years pavelpa SqlEngine? made STATIC qt5
(edit) @05afe5f   12 years pavelpa implemented 'tab container' widget, which groups daynavigator with … qt5
(edit) @c15be10   12 years pavelpa import schedule dialog - changed to widget - moved to 'conference' tab qt5
(edit) @9859cac   12 years hanzes NowTreeView? refresh modified qt5
(edit) @7620de0   12 years korrco room view added - need to test it qt5
(edit) @0d4ecc2   12 years timkoma search update qt5
(edit) @e7340e1   12 years fortefr Conference map qt5
(edit) @b8a3ad1   12 years pavelpa implemented NOW tab qt5
(edit) @c718a77   12 years pavelpa EventModel? signaling changed - if some of the data (favourite,alarm) … qt5
(edit) @3f3e22d   12 years fortefr Warning handling qt5
(edit) @e493054   12 years pavelpa import/search schedule dialog implemented qt5
(edit) @9d8946b   12 years timkoma update for the search qt5
(edit) @4693fa6   12 years pavelpa changed 'Activity' -> 'Track' qt5
(edit) @d4a8bbf   12 years pavelpa MAEMO: work on alarm - snooze alarm - cancel alarm - run … qt5
(edit) @990afd5   12 years timkoma temp commit for search tab qt5
(edit) @c53a3f4   12 years pavelpa single-click is used to open event dialog qt5
(edit) @7f84a70   12 years fortefr Favourites dayNavigator qt5
(edit) @ec67a0b   12 years fortefr Update tabs 2 -This line, and those below, will be ignored-- M … qt5
(edit) @c5324ca   12 years fortefr Automatic tabs update M src/gui/mainwindow.ui M … qt5
(edit) @59c6cfe   12 years pavelpa started work on displaying map - implemented mapwindow - map is … qt5
(edit) @707cd31   12 years pavelpa implemented 'Event' dialog to display relevant 'Event's info qt5
(edit) @a35aa83   12 years korrco grouping by time equation changed - beter group deviding, also … qt5
(edit) @fbc1646   12 years korrco activities tab implemented - need to fit gui, functionality works fine qt5
(edit) @f6300c7   12 years korrco activities tab implemented - not finished yet qt5
(edit) @d23aa6a   12 years fortefr Favourites fix qt5
(edit) @5842349   12 years fortefr Fav table update M trunk/src/gui/mainwindow.h M … qt5
(edit) @969a840   12 years pavelpa implemented day navigator widget - to switch between conference days qt5
(edit) @c2d66b2   12 years pavelpa added about dialog(s) - some modifications needed - About Qt: not … qt5
(edit) @72f6fe4   12 years pavelpa implemented xml parser - parsing Schedule qt5
(edit) @9bbb44e   12 years korrco support for creating GUI via QtCreator? added qt5
(add) @e5bc908   12 years komarma Creating initial application directory structure. qt5
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