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(edit) @a59d5c4   18 months gregor Take display time shift into account when expanding a group in the day …
(edit) @4523005   18 months philipp Avoid warning.
(edit) @6c5eece   18 months philipp Partially fix bug Debian BTS #992236 (width of DayNavigatorWidget?). …
(edit) @3254de1   18 months philipp Use only one line for day and date display (except MAEMO).
(edit) @a5e1f50   18 months gregor Clean up #includes. (qtcreator is helpful but only partially.)
(edit) @ffb6be7   18 months gregor Bump copyright years.
(edit) @e4dcafe   18 months philipp Save adjusted displayTimeShift to database.
(edit) @5b7fa79   18 months philipp Adjust shown event time when displayTimeShift is set.
(edit) @280f29b   18 months philipp No lonely comma when city is missing.
(edit) @bffc77e   19 months philipp Exchange "where" and "when" lines in conference dialog.
(edit) @7dc1b1c   19 months philipp Show conference offset in conference dialog and prepare display offset.
(edit) @85c3458   19 months philipp Adjust whitespace in if statements.
(edit) @ce60f42   19 months philipp Replace QFontMetrics::width() with QFontMetrics::horizontalAdvance() …
(edit) @af9f24b   19 months philipp Replace QHash with QMultiHash to avoid a deprecation warning.
(edit) @f940bd5   5 years gregor Make toolbar in main window non-movable to prevent accidentally …
(edit) @4bf83ee   5 years gregor Settings (dialog): add username/password options for proxy server Cf. #59
(edit) @e618f18   5 years gregor update comment on default proxy value as we use …
(edit) @9b513f6   5 years philipp AppSettings? returns the proxy type as QNetworkProxy instead of int now.
(edit) @68efead   5 years gregor Settings (dialog): add HTTP+SOCKS5 radio buttons and use them …
(edit) @0ede0a2   5 years gregor Add ProxyType? setting in preparation of SOCKS5 proxy support.
(edit) @8180111   5 years gregor Settings dialog: set port range to 1-65535 and right-align.
(edit) @37b299c   5 years gregor Settings dialog: change heading to "HTTP proxy settings". Fixes: #59
(edit) @4d0db91   5 years philipp C++98 compatibility: QDialogButtonBox::StandardButton::Open -> …
(edit) @15d41d9   5 years philipp Now the links in the description are clickable. Fixes #49.
(edit) @a4d3f7b   5 years gregor URL input dialog: trim URL.
(edit) @9dbc426   5 years philipp Minor typographic improvement.
(edit) @841aad4   5 years philipp "Open" button is disabled not when no URL was entered.
(edit) @79a7671   5 years gregor ifdef qt4 and qt5 qt5
(edit) @809b5e5   5 years gregor Merge branch 'master' into qt5 qt5
(edit) @e4c166a   5 years philipp Write debug message in case of silently catched exceptions. qt5
(edit) @fe5dac7   6 years philipp Used tr() for some more GUI strings (there are plenty more that should … qt5
(edit) @6984e9d   6 years philipp Used tr() for some GUI strings (there are plenty more that should be … qt5
(edit) @f94ab1d   6 years gregoa Handle SSL errors. Show warning with error messages, offer to ignore … qt5
(edit) @0d41eb2   6 years gregoa Set some SSL parameters for network request. qt5
(edit) @3ba7b3e   6 years gregoa Fix typo in error message. qt5
(edit) @de5d0f1   6 years gregoa Bump copyright years. qt5
(edit) @81d87d7   6 years philipp Renamed favourite-on.png to favourite-strong.png and favourite-off.png … qt5
(edit) @7b3cd0e   6 years philipp Event favourite is now tristate in the code now and the corresponding … qt5
(edit) @8cb2bc7   6 years gregoa eventdialog: only convertFromPlainText description and abstract if … qt5
(edit) @ebe26af   6 years gregoa Merge branch 'master' into qt5 qt5
(edit) @4a87a3b   8 years gregoa Bump copyright year. In anticipation of a release in 2015. qt5
(edit) @54b69e2   8 years philipp Merged changes from trunk. It still compiles successfully. :-) qt5
(edit) @11f3f87   8 years gregoa Update copyright notices. qt5
(edit) @4b6ae6b   9 years philipp Now the application compiles for QT5. Note that the location of the … qt5
(edit) @e249438   9 years philipp Escaped the strings that are shown in the dialog and preserve some layout. qt5
(edit) @0584e12   10 years philipp Make it impossible to hide the toolbar by disallowing its context menu … qt5
(edit) @6464700   10 years philipp Removed a "TODO" comment. qt5
(edit) @173399b   10 years philipp Added some actions to the mainwindow - otherwise shortcuts don't work … qt5
(edit) @055231b   10 years gregoa Eventdialog: make sure the same colours as everywhere are used. … qt5
(edit) @1aede9a   10 years philipp Changed the event dialog layout hoping to improve issue #48. qt5
(edit) @4d8493b   10 years philipp Made sure the mainwindow is destroyed properly and the sql database is … qt5
(edit) @5130dc7   10 years gregoa #include appsettings.h for maemo. qt5
(edit) @83481c6   10 years gregoa bump copyright years qt5
(edit) @e619be9   10 years philipp Formatted alarm message (closes ticket #46). qt5
(edit) @3a09de6   10 years philipp Alarms are reported via QSystemTray now (see ticket #46). qt5
(edit) @097e1f4   10 years gregoa extend comment re systrayicon position qt5
(edit) @b261e79   10 years gregoa tray icon: add (commented out) debug output and ->hide qt5
(edit) @54a377c   10 years philipp Prepared to show an alarm message via tray icon on non-MAEMO systems. qt5
(edit) @351728e   10 years gregoa fix typo in comment qt5
(edit) @4bd5d8a   10 years philipp The day tab is now the current tab when starting the program (ticket #44). qt5
(edit) @3720891   10 years philipp Current day is used now when starting the program or loading a … qt5
(edit) @4ca8bdc   10 years philipp Created more shortcuts (ticket #28). qt5
(edit) @a1e348c   10 years philipp The focus is set to the search input field when the search icon is clicked. qt5
(edit) @8bd618c   10 years philipp We added the conferenceId to some alarm related methods (ticket #41). qt5
(edit) @e2c612c   10 years philipp Reloading a conference works now. qt5
(edit) @61346c9   10 years philipp Restructured the SqlEngine?. Not yet finished (see "TODO" in the code). qt5
(edit) @8d6798d   10 years gregoa fix some more header includes qt5
(edit) @2dffed3   10 years philipp On the way to fix #45. qt5
(edit) @ca20842   10 years philipp Fixed bug: Changing the conference URL resulted in an error message. qt5
(edit) @4147e08   11 years gregoa Add Stefan as a copyright holder to source files, too. qt5
(edit) @56307f8   11 years philipp Implemented expand/collapse of the event groups. Resolves ticket #31. qt5
(edit) @b686173   11 years philipp Created icons collapse and expand. qt5
(edit) @accae6b   11 years philipp Changed the alarm icon due to ticket #40. I haven't tried it because I … qt5
(edit) @dadb922   11 years philipp Changed favourite icons as a response to ticket #40. qt5
(edit) @1ba9324   11 years gregoa Handle redirects when importing schedules over the network. Fixes: #39 qt5
(edit) @07f01be   11 years gregoa Fix typo in docs. qt5
(edit) @8bc87d6   11 years gregoa Update copyright years. qt5
(edit) @11d3189   11 years philipp Hopefully fixed bug #38: As the alarm message was used to identify the … qt5
(edit) @9a896cc   11 years gregoa Removed commented out reference to removed files. qt5
(edit) @fde1838   11 years philipp Deleted files that don't seem to be used. qt5
(edit) @d12c1e0   11 years philipp When the search toolbox button is clicked when the search dialog is … qt5
(edit) @167a532   11 years philipp Implemented stub for expand/collape all. qt5
(edit) @78d8c9e   11 years philipp Another layout study. qt5
(edit) @c728494   11 years philipp Changed layout details to study the effect in Maemo. qt5
(edit) @4383ab5   11 years philipp Better calculation of the day navigator date position. qt5
(edit) @ac2b0b2   11 years philipp The search result is now synced with the daynavigator. When the search … qt5
(edit) @9196cb0   11 years philipp Sorted by duration additionally to start. qt5
(edit) @11d7ec5   11 years philipp Implemented "now" action and removed the "now" button from the day … qt5
(edit) @1ca13ef   11 years philipp Implemented the reload button functionality. Closes: #34 qt5
(edit) @c81f30a   11 years philipp The conflict editor works again. qt5
(edit) @dc66a91   11 years philipp The favorite tab gets updated again after changing the favorite state. qt5
(edit) @264f5e7   11 years philipp Removed the "Now" tab. Removed the day navigator inside tabs. Added a … qt5
(edit) @a9430aa   11 years gregoa Search dialog: less width, more lines. qt5
(edit) @6d48bb2   11 years gregoa Tabs: elide tabtexts. qt5
(edit) @1825f82   11 years philipp Implemented "unset dates" in the date navigator. qt5
(edit) @bf6be88   11 years philipp The dateChanged signal is transmitted to the tabcontainers now. qt5
(edit) @66ec7cb   11 years philipp Introduced a toobar. Added a new global date navigator instance (the … qt5
(edit) @701240f   11 years philipp Cleanup daynavigatorwidget. qt5
(edit) @d878ecb   11 years gregoa Day navigator widget: setDates() - change logic of setting mCurDate: … qt5
(edit) @1bbcb8f   11 years gregoa Replace some tabs with the usual spaces. qt5
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