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(edit) @ff579df   20 months philipp Remaining fix of bug Debian BTS #992236 (line distance). …
(edit) @a5e1f50   20 months gregor Clean up #includes. (qtcreator is helpful but only partially.)
(edit) @ffb6be7   20 months gregor Bump copyright years.
(edit) @31d8a4c   20 months philipp Adjust alarm logic to include UTC offset or displayTimeShift.
(edit) @5b7fa79   20 months philipp Adjust shown event time when displayTimeShift is set.
(edit) @d858942   20 months philipp Expose utc_offset and display_time_shift in Conference class.
(edit) @29af341   20 months philipp Load utc_offset and display_time_shift with conference.
(edit) @d921406   21 months philipp Fix typo "favourities" -> "favourites".
(edit) @102d186   21 months philipp Delete unused variable to avoid a compiler warning.
(edit) @6759e32   21 months philipp Replace QModelIndex::child() to avoid a deprecation warning.
(edit) @28acdbe   3 years gregor src/mvc/ add network module. src/mvc/treeview.cpp includes …
(edit) @79a7671   6 years gregor ifdef qt4 and qt5 qt5
(edit) @809b5e5   6 years gregor Merge branch 'master' into qt5 qt5
(edit) @50c848a   6 years philipp Fix possibility for SQL injection attack. qt5
(edit) @81e085d   6 years gregor TrackInsertException?: make error message useful. qt5
(edit) @5def683   6 years gregor TrackInsertException?: correctly derive from OrmSqlException?. qt5
(edit) @056bee2   6 years philipp Merged definition and initialization of conflictSeverity. qt5
(edit) @0f10c1a   6 years gregoa Initialize conflictSeverity variable. Compiler warning with … qt5
(edit) @5fc5d13   6 years philipp In the treeview, the right mouse button now back-cycles the favourite … qt5
(edit) @bda4629   6 years philipp Added back-cycling option in Event::cycleFavourite. qt5
(edit) @de5d0f1   6 years gregoa Bump copyright years. qt5
(edit) @81d87d7   6 years philipp Renamed favourite-on.png to favourite-strong.png and favourite-off.png … qt5
(edit) @1343ea4   6 years philipp Now the conflict severity is drawn. qt5
(edit) @ec7fa22   6 years philipp Removed deprecated functions. qt5
(edit) @7b3cd0e   6 years philipp Event favourite is now tristate in the code now and the corresponding … qt5
(edit) @3cd9fe6   6 years philipp favourite is now tristate instead of bool. qt5
(edit) @ebe26af   6 years gregoa Merge branch 'master' into qt5 qt5
(edit) @4a87a3b   8 years gregoa Bump copyright year. In anticipation of a release in 2015. qt5
(edit) @54b69e2   8 years philipp Merged changes from trunk. It still compiles successfully. :-) qt5
(edit) @11f3f87   9 years gregoa Update copyright notices. qt5
(edit) @42685b5   9 years gregoa Fix SQL query which returned too many rooms. qt5
(edit) @4b6ae6b   10 years philipp Now the application compiles for QT5. Note that the location of the … qt5
(edit) @5130dc7   10 years gregoa #include appsettings.h for maemo. qt5
(edit) @41c4ceb   10 years philipp Now the dayChange time is taken into account. This fixes #43. qt5
(edit) @83481c6   10 years gregoa bump copyright years qt5
(edit) @3a09de6   10 years philipp Alarms are reported via QSystemTray now (see ticket #46). qt5
(edit) @54a377c   10 years philipp Prepared to show an alarm message via tray icon on non-MAEMO systems. qt5
(edit) @cdf0332   10 years gregoa fix typo in comment qt5
(edit) @a44d375   10 years gregoa fix typo in comment qt5
(edit) @8bd618c   10 years philipp We added the conferenceId to some alarm related methods (ticket #41). qt5
(edit) @e2c612c   11 years philipp Reloading a conference works now. qt5
(edit) @5293ef0   11 years gregoa Remove unsed (and removed from db) 'days' column fro xml parser and … qt5
(edit) @a62988a   11 years gregoa Remove ifdef'd out members qt5
(edit) @61346c9   11 years philipp Restructured the SqlEngine?. Not yet finished (see "TODO" in the code). qt5
(edit) @8d6798d   11 years gregoa fix some more header includes qt5
(edit) @7680536   11 years gregoa fix #includes (detected by QtCreator? and friends on windows) qt5
(edit) @4147e08   11 years gregoa Add Stefan as a copyright holder to source files, too. qt5
(edit) @8f15208   11 years philipp The groups starts at full hours again. qt5
(edit) @6bf226b   11 years philipp Philipp's comments to r1444. qt5
(edit) @0b595d2   11 years gregoa createTimeGroups(): use QDateTime instead of QTime to avoid "midnight … qt5
(edit) @7947db3   11 years gregoa Show the AlarmOff? icon in the timegroup header when the group has no … qt5
(edit) @accae6b   11 years philipp Changed the alarm icon due to ticket #40. I haven't tried it because I … qt5
(edit) @dadb922   11 years philipp Changed favourite icons as a response to ticket #40. qt5
(edit) @8bc87d6   11 years gregoa Update copyright years. qt5
(edit) @11d3189   11 years philipp Hopefully fixed bug #38: As the alarm message was used to identify the … qt5
(edit) @9196cb0   11 years philipp Sorted by duration additionally to start. qt5
(edit) @11d7ec5   11 years philipp Implemented "now" action and removed the "now" button from the day … qt5
(edit) @066b41f   11 years philipp Removed unused nowEvent functions. qt5
(edit) @dc66a91   11 years philipp The favorite tab gets updated again after changing the favorite state. qt5
(edit) @1006c4f   12 years philipp Fixed ticket #26 (empty tabs after some actions). qt5
(edit) @12fe870   12 years philipp Rewrote code to group events together with gregoa. Closes bug #22. qt5
(edit) @ec813bb   12 years philipp This should close ticket #35 ([maemo] conflict icon overlaps alarm icon). qt5
(edit) @be12b9f   12 years philipp Changed the drawing of events to make use of system colors and styles, … qt5
(edit) @d785a93   12 years gregoa Distinguish "Presenter" and "Presenters" (instead of "Presenter(s)"). … qt5
(edit) @ff9a2cb   12 years gregoa Show event title instead of id in alarms. qt5
(edit) @118b982   12 years gregoa Reorganize CLEAN and DISTCLEAN targets. qt5
(edit) @4633b70   12 years philipp This is just a quick-and-dirty workaround commit to aviod a drawing … qt5
(edit) @268d58f   12 years philipp First try to improve the colors (ticket #13). qt5
(edit) @0ea5709   12 years philipp Before querying the SEARCH_EVENT table, its existence is checked. … qt5
(edit) @e6ab8a2   12 years philipp Removed the ability to show "pictures" (maps) of rooms and maps of … qt5
(edit) @910109e   12 years gregoa Some more s;TARGETDEPS;POST_TARGETDEPS; qt5
(edit) @cf385cd   12 years philipp Removed many of the qDebug() output lines (see ticket #10). qt5
(edit) @ed063f1   12 years philipp Searching without active conference doesn't give an error message … qt5
(edit) @8bdf2d3   12 years philipp Removed unnecessary debug output and code. qt5
(edit) @5c7119d   12 years philipp Fixed bug reported by gregor: Too many authors are shown (form other … qt5
(edit) @663fafd   12 years philipp Removed two unused variables to avoid compiler warnings. qt5
(edit) @77f8bff   12 years gregoa Icons part 1: replace all icons (except the FOSDEM ones) with icons … qt5
(edit) @8bacb4e   12 years gregoa qmake warning: POST_TARGETDEPS instead of TARGETDEPS qt5
(edit) @68b2df2   12 years gregoa Add copyright to source. qt5
(edit) @6df32f2   12 years gregoa Update GPL blurb in source files. qt5
(edit) @a0f3e32   12 years philipp Added some comments, removed and added some debug information. qt5
(edit) @141a5c2   12 years philipp Tracks are inserted now when importing new conferences. qt5
(edit) @51529bd   12 years gregoa Insert new field xid_conference into table track, room and person. qt5
(edit) @900bcf1   13 years kirilma use enabled flag instead of repeated criateria check qt5
(edit) @a6a9e0b   13 years kirilma add enabled flag qt5
(edit) @525448c   13 years kirilma refactor: more compact drawing of controls qt5
(edit) @508de33   13 years kirilma do not draw showmap button for event is there is no map for its room qt5
(edit) @0d995ed   13 years kirilma refactor: cache whole Room object in Event qt5
(edit) @58eb7cc   13 years kirilma store room map in database show it if it's available, otherwise show … qt5
(edit) @cec47c6   13 years kirilma store path to conference map in database path stored as additional … qt5
(edit) @b431d47   13 years kirilma reworked UI for conference editing underlying representation of … qt5
(edit) @04acaf9   13 years kirilma fix deletion of last conference implement for cleaning all views in … qt5
(edit) @d97bcab   13 years kirilma implement deleting a conference pass event about it to mainwindow to … qt5
(edit) @f5b68a4   13 years kirilma add buttons for refreshm new url and delete and partly implement … qt5
(edit) @d06ae27   13 years kirilma store URL's for conferences * use it at update * let user update the … qt5
(edit) @5d9409d   13 years timkoma UTC/LocalTime fix for import conference XML, DB queries for multiple … qt5
(edit) @a1755df   13 years timkoma performance improvement for Events qt5
(edit) @78e3575   13 years timkoma performance improvement for load persons qt5
(edit) @ca90cb1   13 years uzakmat A header with the proper copyright/lincence statement was added into … qt5
(edit) @ba48d2f   13 years hanzes Alarm dbus connection added qt5
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