Why "ToastFreeware"?

We like free and open source software. We like to do programming together.
And we like eating toasts during our programming sessions: Toast HOWTO, free recipes.

Current projects

Linux projects

If you are interested in Debian packages go to our Debian respository.


Description on

Current version: 0.1.5, download


Description on

Current version: 0.1.4, download


Description: helper script for submitting entries to nanoblogger via mail
 nanobloggermail is a tiny perl script that takes a mail (or any other kind of
 text) from stdin and feeds the relevant parts to nb (nanoblogger's binary).
 It allows inserting new entries into weblogs without having shell access.

Current version: 0.2, download


Description: additional plugins for nanoblogger
 Collection of additional tiny plugins for nanoblogger:
 . Generates a calendar table for the previous month.
 . Counts hits on blog from apache access logs.

Current version: 0.1.4, download


Description: trackback functionality for nanoblogger
 nanobloggertrackback adds active and passive trackback functionality to
 nanoblogger, i.e. it let's the user (automatically or manually) send
 trackback pings to referenced blog entries and receive trackback pings from
 other sites.
 Additionally it shows received trackbacks in the blog pages and offers the
 possibility to delete them.

Current version: 0.2.4, download


Description: configurable viewer for video streams
 teleschorsch is a helper application for viewing videostreams (typically
 television broadcasts or similar recurring streams). It let's you configure
 streams and players and then you choose which "channel" from which date
 you'd like to see.

Current version: 0.2.3, download


Description: short manual for making toasts
 If you're fed up with take-away pizza try to make some delicious toasts.
 Toastfreeware shows you how; in German words and international pictures.

Current version: 0.3, download

Mobile phone projects

Let's see if we actually like Google's Android but we arehave been playing around with it.

Windows projects

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